Nilfisk-Advance America C 125.3 User Manual

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or approved by the manufac-

High pressure hoses, fi ttings

and couplings are important
for the safety of the appli-
ance. Only use hoses, fi ttings
and couplings recommended
by the manufacturer.

Do not use the appliance

if a supply cord or impor-
tant parts of appliance are
damaged, e.g. safety device ,
high pressure hose and trig-
ger gun.

The appliance is intended to

clean cars and garden etc..

Appropriate ear protection

has to be used.

Never use the machine in

an environment where there
could be a danger of explo-
sion. If any doubt arises,
please contact the local

It is not allowed to clean

asbestos- containing surfaces
with high pressure.

This high pressure washer
must not be used at tempera-
tures below 0°C.

Inadequate extension cables
can be dangerous. Cables on
drums should always be com-
pletely unwinded to prevent the
cable from overheating.

Extension cables should be of
a watertight construction and
comply with the below-men-
tioned requirements for length
and cable dimensions.

1.0 mm²


12.5 m

1.5 mm²


20 m

2.5 mm²


30 m

Cable connections should be

kept dry and off the ground.

If the electric cable is

damaged, it must be re-
placed by the manufacturer
or his service agent or simi-
larly qualifi ed person in order
to avoid a hazard.

Mains power connection

The following should be ob-
served when connecting the
high pressure washer to the
electric installation:

Only connect the machine to

an installation with earth con-

The electric installation shall

be made by a certifi ed elec-

It is strongly recommended

that the electric supply to this
machine should include a re-
sidual current device (GFCI).

Water connection
Connection to the public mains
according to regulations.

This high pres-
sure washer is
only allowed to be
connected with
the drinking water

mains, when an appropriate
backfl ow preventer has been
installed, Type BA according
to EN 1717. The backfl ow pre-
venter can be ordered under
number 106411177. The length
of the hose between the back-
fl ow preventer and the high
pressure washer must be at

least 10 metres to absorb pos-
sible pressure peaks (min diam-
eter ½ inch).
Operation by suction (for ex-
ample from a rainwater vessel)
is carried out without backfl ow
preventer. Recommended suc-
tion set: 126411387.
As soon as water has fl own
through the BA valve, this water
is not considered to be drinking
water any more.

IMPORTANT! Only use wa-
ter without any impurities.
there is a risk of running sands
in the inlet water (i.e. from your
own well), an additional fi lter
should be mounted.

Repair and maintenance
Always remove the
electric plug from the socket be-
fore carrying out maintenance
work on the machine.

Safety devices
Locking device on spray gun
(see foldout at the end of
this manual):
The spray gun features a lock-
ing device. When the pawl is
activated, the spray gun cannot
be ope rated.

Thermal sensor:
A thermal sensor protects the
motor against overloading. The
machine will restart after a few
minutes when the thermal sen-
sor has cooled.

Pressure safety device
An integrated hydraulic safety
valve protects the system from
excessive pressure.

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