7 maintenance – Nilfisk-Advance America C 125.3 User Manual

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WARNING! Always disconnect
the electrical plug from the
socket prior to maintenance or

To ensure a long and problem
free working life, please take
the following advice:

Wash out water hose, high

pressure hose, spray lance
and accessories before

Clean the connectors of dust

and sand.

Make sure that no sand or

dirt is blocking the movement
of the pawl on the Click &
Clean spray lance. Rinse ac-
cording to requirement.

Rinse the detergent spraying

attachment after use.

Clean the nozzles.

Any repair should always be
made in an authorized work-
shop with original spare parts.

7 Maintenance

7.1 Cleaning of water inlet

fi lter

Clean the water inlet fi lter
regularly once a month or more
frequently according to use.
Carefully loosen the fi lter with a
screwdriver and clean it. Check
that it is intact before re-mount-
ing it.

The inlet fi lter must always be
fi tted inside the water inlet pipe
to fi lter out sand, limestone and
other impurities, as they will
damage the pump valves.

CAUTION: Failure to fi t the fi lter
will invalidate the guarantee.

7.2 Cleaning of nozzle

A clogging up in the nozzle
causes a pump pressure which
is too high. This is why cleaning
is required immediately.

1. Stop the machine and dis-

connect the nozzle.

2. Clean the nozzle. IMPOR-

TANT: The cleaning tool (11)
should only be used when
the nozzle is detached!

3. Flush the nozzle backwards

with water.

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