Nilfisk-Advance America C 125.3 User Manual

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4.3 Water connection

An ordinary 1/2" garden hose of
min. 10 m and max. 25 m will
be suitable.

NOTE: Connec-
tion to the public
mains according
to regulations.

Only use water
without any

impurities. If there is a risk
of running sands in the inlet
water (i.e. from your own well),
an additional fi lter should be

1. Let the water run through the

water hose before connecting
it to the machine to prevent
sand and dirt from penetrat-
ing the machine.

Note: Check that the fi lter is

fi tted in the water inlet pipe
and that it is not clogged up.

2. Connect the water hose to

the water supply by means
of the quick connector (inlet
water, max. pressure: 10 bar,
max. temperature: 40°C).

3. Turn on the water.

4.4 Start and stop of the

machine (when con-

nected to a water supply)

The spray lance is affected
by a thrust during operation -
therefore always hold it fi rmly
with both hands. IMPORTANT:
Point the nozzle at the

1. Check that the machine is in

upright position.


Do not place the

machine in high grass!

2. Release the trigger lock.
3. Activate the trigger of the

spray gun and let the water
run until all air has escaped
from the water hose.

4. Turn the start/stop switch (1)

to position"I".

5. Activate the trigger of the

spray gun.

Always adjust the distance and
thus the pressure of the nozzle
to the surface, which is to be

Do not cover the machine
during operation.

Note: If the ma-
chine is left or not
used for 5 min-

utes, it must be switched off on
the start/stop switch "O" (1):

1. Turn the start/stop switch (1)

to position"O".

2. Disconnect the electrical plug

from the socket.

3. Shut off the water supply and

activate the trigger to relieve
the machine of pressure.

4. Lock the spray gun.

When releasing the trigger of
the spray gun, the machine
automatically stops. The ma-
chine will start again when you
re-activate the spray gun.

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