Nilfisk-Advance America C 125.3 User Manual

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6.4 Wall storage

The pressure washer can be
stored on a wall on a special
wall hook (not standard).

Only mount the wall hook on a
sturdy wall. Adjust the length
of the screws and size of rawl-
plugs to the type of wall.

On the wall hook garden/rim
brush (a) foam sprayer (b),
Click & Clean brush (c) and
Click & Clean nozzles (d) can
be stored.

Note: For this
product the wall
hook can only be

used as storage.

Important: The

bearing capacity
of the wall hook

is max. 30 kg.





6.3 Storage of accessories

The standard accessories
(spray gun, spray lance, noz-
zles and foam sprayer) can be
stored on the pressure washer.

The nozzle cleaning tool can
also be stored on the product.

C 120.5 X-TRA

C 120.3

C 125.3

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