9 further information – Nilfisk-Advance America C 125.3 User Manual

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9 Further


9.1 Recycling the washer

Make the old cleaner unusable

1. Unplug the cleaner and cut

the electric cable.

Do not discard electrical appli-
ances with household waste.

As specifi ed in European Direc-
tive 2002/96/EC on old electri-
cal and electronic appliances,
used electrical goods must
be collected separately and
recycled ecologically.

Contact your local authorities or
your nearest dealer for further

9.2 Warranty conditions

Nilfi sk guarantees high pres-
sure washers for domestic use
for 2 years. If your high pres-
sure washer or ac ces so ries are
handed in for repair, a copy of
the receipt must be enclosed.
Guarantee repairs are being
made on the following con di-
t ions:

that defects are attributable

to fl aws or defects in materi-
als or workmanship. (wear
and tear as well as misuse
are not covered by the gu a r-
an tee).

that the directions of this

instruction manual have been
thoroughly observed.

that repair has not been car-

ried out or attempted by oth-
er than Nilfi sk-trained service

that only original accessories

have been applied.

that the product has not been

exposed to abuse such as
knocks, bumps or frost.

that only water without any

impurities has been used.

that the high pressure wash-

er has not been used for
rental nor used com mer cial ly
in any other way.

Repairs under this guarantee
include replacement of defec-
tive parts, exclusive of packing
and postage/carriage. Besides,
we refer to your national law of

The machine should be for-
warded to one of the service
centres of the Nilfi sk organisa-
tion with description/spe ci fi


ti on of the fault.

Repairs not covered by the
guarantee conditions will be
invoiced. (I.e. malfunctions due
to Causes men ti o ned in section
Troubleshooting Chart of the
instruction manual).

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