4 operating your pressure washer – Nilfisk-Advance America C 125.3 User Manual

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3.5 Mounting of high pres-

sure hose

Attach the high pressure hose
(4) to the spray gun (7).

Detach the high pressure hose
by pressing the pawl (A).

4 Operating your pressure washer

4.1 Connection of high pres-

sure hose

1. Mount the high pressure

hose on the outlet (3).



4.2 Mounting of spray

lance and Click & Clean

1. Push the spray lance (6) into

the spray gun (7) and screw
it on.

Note: The
spray lance (6)
has a built-in low

pressure nozzle that can be
used for fl ushing away dirt.

2. Attach the nozzle.

Warning: When

attaching the Click &

Clean nozzles, the

pawl on the side

of the spray lance

should come out again.

Note: The Tor-


PR nozzle

and the foam

sprayer feature a swivel lock,
which must be positioned in the
hole in the Click & Clean spray

Press the pawl to detach the
Click & Clean nozzle.

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