5 fields of application and working methods – Nilfisk-Advance America C 125.3 User Manual

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4.5 Start the machine (when

connected to open con-
tainers (suction mode))

The washer can take in water
from a rain water tank as an
example. The hose for the wa-
ter supply must not be too long,
approx. 5 m.

Make sure that the water tank
is not placed on a lower level
than the machine.

1. Place the other end of the

water hose in the water tank.
Use an external fi lter if the
water contains impurities.

2. Turn the start/stop switch (1)

to position"I".

3. Activate the trigger of the

spray gun and let the water
run, until the air has escaped
from the water hose and the

4. Mount spray lance and


4.6 Pressure regulation on





The pressure can be regulated
on the TORNADO


PR nozzle.



High pressure

Low pressure

5 Fields of application and working

5.1 General

Effi cient high presure cleaning is achieved by following a few guide-
lines, combined with your own personal experience of specifi c
cleaning tasks. Accessories and detergents, when correctly cho-
sen, can increase the effi ciency of your pressure washer. Here is
some basic information about cleaning.

5.1.1 Detergent and foam

Foam or detergent should be applied onto dry surfaces so that the
chemical product is in direct contact with the dirt. Detergents are
applied from bottom to top, for example on a car bodywork, in order
to avoid "super clean" areas, where the detergent collects in higher
concentration and streams downwards. Let the detergent work for
several minutes before rinsing but never let it dry on the surface be-
ing cleaned. Note: It is important that the detergents do not dry up.
Otherwise the surfac that has to be cleaned can be da maged.

5.1.2 Mechanical effect

In order to break down tough layers of dirt, additional mechanical
effect may be required. Special wash brushes offer this supplemen-
tary effect that cuts through dirt (especially by car washing).

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