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V90 VoIP Phone User Guide

V90 VoIP Phone User Guide




Changing the time Zone

The SIP Phone uses Network Time Protocol (NTP) to retrieve date and time information from an NTP server.
The time is in GMT ± offset. For example, Australian Eastern Standard Time is GMT +10.

to change the time Zone:
On the Preferences screen under Configurations menu, enter GMT+x where x is the time difference between
your time zone and GMT.

Identifying the time Server

The Time Server is the Network Time Protocol server where the V90 Phone retrieves date and time information.

to specify the time Server:
On the Preference screen under Configurations, enter the IP address or the domain name (FQDN) of a valid
Time Server in the Time Server field (e.g. The default value is

Auto Provision and Central Management

To disable the auto provisioning, click Disable on the Auto-Provision menu. To enable it, click Enable and type
in the server address in the Provision Server field. Default is enabled.
To enable Central management, click Enable on the Central Management menu and type in the password in
the Password field. Default is disabled.

Disable # as Delimiter key

By default, the # key will act as a delimiter key. To disable # key as the delimiter key, change the Key (#) menu
to as Dial Digits.

Phone Book Mode

The V90 phone supports two types of Phone Book system.


Global. All profile/contact use the one phone book.


By Line. Each profile or contact has separate phone book entries. And all entries in each phone book can
only be used by the corresponding profile/contact.

On the Preference screen under Configurations menu, select the phone book system you want to use from the
Phone Book Mode drop down menu.

Selecting Network tones

to set the Network tone:
On the Preference screen under Configurations menu, select a country on the list beside the label Network Tones.