Chapter 2 installation and basic configuration, Hardware installation, Configuring the netcomm v90 – NetComm V90 User Manual

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V90 VoIP Phone User Guide

V90 VoIP Phone User Guide




Hardware Installation


Connect the handset to the base of the V90 VoIP Phone using the supplied cable.


Use the enclosed Ethernet cable to connect the LAN port to a hub/switch, or DSL Router/Cable Modem.

Note: If your network is not PoE (Power over Ethernet) enabled then you will require an external power adapter before you can use the
VoIP Phone. Please contact NetComm to purchase the correct power adapter for this product.


For first time installation, the phone will scan the network for available services which are DHCP, PPPoE,
and Fixed IP. Select the preferred service and enter the required information if needed. No user input is
required for DHCP service. User ID and Password are required for PPPoE. IP address, Netmask, and
Gateway IP Address are required for Fixed IP mode.

Notes: If you connect the unit to an existing router, please use DHCP mode.

Configuring the NetComm V90

To configure the V90 VoIP Phone, you need to access the unit Web Configuration. Please follow the step below
to access the Web Configuration:

Obtain the V90 VoIP Phone IP address.

Enter the IP address into a web browser.

Log in to the V90 VoIP Phone web configuration page.

Obtaining the NetComm V90 VoIP Phone IP Address

To retrieve the IP address from the VoIP Phone:

When the phone is in the on-hook state, press Menu.

Press 3 (System Tools).

Press 1 (Phone Status).

Press 1 (LAN Port).
The LCD screen will display:
– where xxx is any valid IP address between 0 and 255.

Accessing the NetComm V90 VoIP Phone Web Configuration

When trying to access the V90 Web Configuration, please configure the laptop or desktop computer to the
same subnet as the V90. The V90 Web Configuration Menu can be accessed from any web browser using
the following URL:

http://<phone-IP-address> – where <phone-IP-address> is the IP address of the phone.

Notes: This example use an IP address of “19.18.1.” which might be different then your V90 IP address. The example shown use
Internet Explorer 7. Your web browser might look slightly different.

The default User Name is “admin” and the default Password is “admin”.
Enter the User Name and Password into the Log In screen and then click OK to log in to the V90 Web
Configuration. If the User name and Password are correct, the Status Screen will appear. This screen
provides you information regarding the phone and network settings.