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V90 VoIP Phone User Guide


Want to network your home quickly and

easily without any hassles?

NetComm HomePlugs are the simplest method available to set up a home network, without any of the hassle of
laying meters of cable or drilling holes into walls. Simply put, a NetComm HomePlug turns the existing electrical
wiring in your home into a network capable of transmitting data at up to 200Mbps.

Setting up a network couldn’t be easier. Simply plug a Homeplug into an available power socket near a
computer, attach it to the computer with a short ethernet cable. Then plug in and connect a second homeplug
with your second home computer and that’s it, you’ve successfully networked two computers.

HomePlugs are extremly versatile and suit any number of tasks -

Internet sharing and On-line Gaming - Connect your broadband modem to a HomePlug and then every other
PC or ethernet capable gaming console on your HomePlug network can access your internet connection

Wireless Access Point - With a Wireless HomePlug you can create a wireless access point anywhere you want

VoIP - Place a VoIP ATA anywhere in your home for big savings on your phone bill

Home Entertainment - Stream high-def movies, audio or photos from a media server to set-top boxes or HTPCs
Another added bonus of a Homeplug network is that it moves with you. If you’re moving home or apatments,
or simply doing some redecorating and need to move your PC, you can take your HomePlug with you and have
your network up and running again in seconds. Try doing that with cables embedded in the wall!

And as your network grows, HomePlugs make it easy to add new network points, simply plug in a new HomePlug
and you’re ready to go.

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