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Chapter 1


PXI-PCI 8330 Series User Manual


Software Transparency

Because the MXI-3 system is a

PCI-PCI bridge

, all devices on the system

appear as local devices in a single PCI system. You do not need to rewrite
your device drivers for operation on a MXI-3 system.

High Performance

MXI-3 supports write posting and read prefetching to enhance
performance. MXI-3 buffers and retimes the signals between the buses,
maintaining the tight timing and high performance PCI requires.

What You Need to Get Started

To set up and use your MXI-3 system, you need the following:

Two PXI MXI-3 cards or a PXI MXI-3 card and a PCI MXI-3 card

Copper or fiber-optic MXI-3 cable

Documentation—Set Up Your MXI-3 System and Getting Started with
Your MXI-3 System

Primary bus—A computer with a PCI backplane, or a PXI embedded
controller in a PXI/CompactPCI chassis

Secondary bus—A PXI/CompactPCI chassis

Software—MXI-3 Software Installation Diskette for
Windows 2000/NT4/9x


Your MXI-3 cards are shipped in antistatic packages to prevent
electrostatic damage to the devices. To avoid such damage in handling the
device, take the following precautions:


Ground yourself with a grounding strap or by holding a grounded


Before removing the device from the package, touch the antistatic
package to a metal part of your computer chassis.


Never touch the exposed pins of connectors. Doing so may damage the device.