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Chapter 2


PXI-PCI 8330 Series User Manual



Hardware Installation

The following are general instructions for installing the PCI MXI-3 and
PXI MXI-3 cards. Consult your computer user manual or technical
reference manual for specific instructions and warnings.

Installing a PCI MXI-3 Card


Turn off your computer, but leave it plugged in while installing the
PCI-MXI-3 card. The power cord grounds the chassis and protects it
from electrical damage while you install the module.


To protect both yourself and the computer from electrical hazards, your

computer should remain off until you finish installing the PCI MXI-3 device.


Remove the top cover or access port to the PCI bus.


Select any available PCI expansion slot.


Locate the metal bracket that covers the cut-out in the back panel of the
computer for the slot you have selected. Remove and save the
bracket-retaining screw and the bracket cover.


Touch the metal part of the power supply case inside the computer to
discharge any static electricity that might be on your clothes or body.


Line up the PCI MXI-3 with the slot on the back panel. Slowly push
down on the top of the PCI MXI-3 until its card-edge connector is
resting on the expansion slot receptacle. Using slow, evenly distributed
pressure, press the PCI MXI-3 straight down until it seats in the
expansion slot.


Reinstall the bracket-retaining screw to secure the PCI MXI-3 to the
back panel rail.