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Chapter 3

Hardware Overview

PXI-PCI 8330 Series User Manual


Star configurations are also possible using MXI-3 interfaces in the primary
system to fine tune performance.

Figure 3-3. Additional MXI-3 Configurations

Functional Unit Descriptions

National Instruments MXI-3 ASIC

The MXI-3 ASIC, which contains most of the logic in the two-board
system, is a PCI master/slave device using the PCI-PCI bridge register set.
MXI-3 uses data queues to store data for transmission, and also uses data
queues to store received data waiting for access to the target PCI bus.
MXI-3 ASIC transmits data to the parallel-to-serial converters, and
receives data from the serial-to-parallel converters.

Daisy-Chain Configuration

Star Configuration