NetComm NP642 User Manual

Page 21

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NP642 IEEE 802.11g PCI Adapter


YML785 Rev1



Please enter a key. If you are joining an existing network, ask the

Administrator for the key. If you are setting up the network, create

a key; any combination of letters and numbers up to 32 characters

with no spaces.

Auth. Mode:

There are three modes available to choose from:
Open Authentication – the sender and receiver do not share

a secret Key for communication. Instead, each party generates

its own key-pairs and asks the other party to accept it. The key

is regenerated when the connection is established every time.

Shared Authentication – the sender and receiver shares the

common key for data communication, and the key is used for

extended length of time.

Auto – requires communication to be established, and

automatically use the proper authentication mode.

The following will only be activated to allow for configuration

when Encryption is enabled.

Default Key:

Select one of the 4 keys to use.

Network Key:

Choose the encryption, either in HEX or ASCII formats, and enter

the password in the blank space.

Key Length:

Select 64 or 128 bits as the length of the keys

Key Format: