Introduction – NetComm NP642 User Manual

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NP642 IEEE 802.11g PCI Adapter

YML785 Rev1


Congratulations on your purchase of the NP642 108Mbps IEEE 802.11g Wireless PCI

This manual is designed to help familiarise users with the product and offers detailed

operational and installation instructions, so please keep it for future reference.
With the NP642 Wireless (IEEE 802.11g) PCI Card, a computer can communicate

with the Network wirelessly. User-friendly utility software is bundled with the NP642

providing configuration, monitoring and diagnostic options.
The NP642 provides data transfer rates of up to 108 Mbps, which is 10 times faster than

most existing Wi-Fi wireless networks.
Designed to handle bandwidth-intensive applications and multimedia content, the NP642

eliminates the need for unsightly ethernet cables while providing fast and secure network

transfer rates.
The NP642 has the most advanced security features available today with 128 bit WEP

encryption and WPA security.
The Wireless PCI Card configuration is easy to configure for peer-to-peer networks,

suitable for a small number of users, or for full infrastructure networks that allow broad

area roaming.