Limitations of warranty – NetComm NP642 User Manual

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NP642 IEEE 802.11g PCI Adapter


YML785 Rev1

Limitations of Warranty

The Trade Practices Act 1974 and corresponding State and Territory Fair Trading Acts or legalisation

of another Government (“the relevant acts”) in certain circumstances imply mandatory conditions and

warranties which cannot be excluded. This warranty is in addition to and not in replacement for such

conditions and warranties.
To the extent permitted by the Relevant Acts, in relation to your product and any other materials provided

with the product (“the Goods”) the liability of NetComm under the Relevant Acts is limited at the option of

NetComm to:

Replacement of the Goods; or

Repair of the Goods; or

Payment of the cost of replacing the Goods; or

Payment of the cost of having the Goods repaired.