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M e s s a g e s W r i t t e n t o t h e T M A T C P f o r C I C S L o g

Oracle Tuxedo Mainframe Adapter for TCP CICS User Guide


Messages Written to the TMA TCP for CICS Log

Occasionally, messages are written directly to the CICS log configured specifically for TMA
TCP for CICS. For more information about configuring the CICS log, refer to the


and Administering Oracle TMA TCP for CICS”


Application Handler

abnormally terminated.

The Application Handler terminated prior to completing the service
request. This message usually occurs when a service has timed out.
Verify that you are not expecting a reply from a service that does not
send one.

Requested Service timed out.

The requested service did not complete within the time provided in
the message header from the remote Tuxedo gateway.

Unable to start another


The Handler is already processing the maximum number of service
requests configured as the multiplex count.

Unable to start transaction.

A CICS error occurred attempting to start the transaction.

Error occurred in

Application Handler.

The Application Handler encountered a CICS error.

Security error occurred in

Application Handler.

The Application Handler encountered a CICS security error.






The disconnect process has completed successfully.

Service svcname not found.

The requested service was not found in the inbound service name

Client has already logged in.

A client process has attempted to establish a connection when a
connection already existed. (The connection request protocol was

Client has not logged in.

A client process has made a request to the TMA TCP for CICS
gateway but has not yet established a login connection. (The
connection request protocol was never sent.)