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O r a c l e T M A T C P f o r C I C S C o m p o n e n t s

Oracle Tuxedo Mainframe Adapter for TCP CICS User Guide


The TMA TCP for CICS Pre-requester

The Pre-Requestor program is used as an interface between your CICS client program and the
TMA TCP for CICS Requester. The CICS Requester, which is described in the next section, is
the program that talks with the remote Oracle Tuxedo domain. From your CICS client program
you call the Pre-requester by issuing an



The TMA TCP for CICS Requester

The Requester program is responsible for making and maintaining the sockets connection with
the remote Oracle Tuxedo region. After receiving request information from the Pre-requester, the
Requester sends that information to Oracle Tuxedo. The Requester then receives any response
data returned by Oracle Tuxedo and sends it back to the Pre-requester, which in turn gives the
information back to the client program that had called it.

IBM TCP/IP Sockets Interface

The sockets interface must be enabled before TMA TCP for CICS can communicate over
TCP/IP. This procedure is true for any CICS program which uses the sockets API. The IBM
TCP/IP Sockets Interface is not supplied by Oracle Systems, Inc. You can purchase it directly
from IBM. The supplied transaction that accompanies the IBM TCP/IP Sockets for CICS product
is used to enable the sockets interface under CICS. Complete documentation is provided with the
IBM product.

Using Other Supported TCP/IP Sockets Products

This document refers to the IBM TCP/IP sockets interface product. If you are using another
supported TCP/IP product consult that product’s documentation for equivalent components.

IBM TCP/IP Sockets for CICS Supplied Listener

The IBM TCP/IP Sockets for CICS Supplied Listener is responsible for capturing the initial
connection request and passing that request along to the TMA TCP for CICS Handler. It is a piece
of the IBM TCP/IP Sockets for CICS product which you must purchase directly from IBM. The
listener should be installed and configured as outlined in the manual shipped with the product.

IBM User Maintained Tables (UMT)

The Connection file,


, defaults to a user maintained table (UMT). If you choose to

change this file to a


file you must add the transaction




for CICS. This