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Oracle Tuxedo Mainframe Adapter for TCP CICS User Guide


Before you can use TMA TCP for CICS, you must install and configure both IBM
TCP/IP and the Sockets for CICS product as outlined in the documentation that
accompanies those products.

The Listener’s job is to wait for connection requests at a particular network address and port of
your choosing. When the Listener receives a connection request it invokes the appropriate CICS
program automatically, based on the name supplied as part of the Listener’s connection protocol
buffer. For example, if the Listener receives a connection request from TMA TCP gateway
running on a remote Oracle Tuxedo node, it processes the connection and invokes the TMA TCP

Running Oracle TMA TCP for CICS

The TMA TCP Handler is invoked automatically by the Listener process. Once invoked, the
Handler takes control of the socket connection and retains control until either the Handler is shut
down or until there is a network problem that affects the socket connection. The Handler
processes service requests up to the configured multiplex count. To process more service requests
than the configured multiplex count, TMA TCP gateway starts more than one Handler. For
limitations of the IBM Sockets for CICS Listener, refer to the appropriate IBM product

Initializing the Handler

The very first service request that is sent from the TMA TCP gateway gateway running on a
remote Oracle Tuxedo node causes the following to occur.

1. CICS Sockets Listener starts the TMA TCP for CICS Handler

2. Listener issues a


function call

3. Handler issues a


function call

4. Listener resumes listening for new connection requests

5. Handler communicates directly with the remote TMA TCP gateway gateway using TCP/IP

Processing Remote Service Requests

1. The TMA TCP Handler receives the request from the remote TMA TCP gateway gateway (in

the Oracle Tuxedo region) over TCP/IP. If necessary, the data is translated and/or converted
into the proper data format or layout.