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Page 11: Dynamic configuration, Load balancing of a requester, Automatic enabling of lmid

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O r a c l e T M A T C P f o r C I C S C o m p o n e n t s

Oracle Tuxedo Mainframe Adapter for TCP CICS User Guide



The TMA TCP product grants access to Tuxedo services based on a user name supplied by CICS.

The TMA TCP for CICS product can start CICS transactions or link to programs. Oracle Tuxedo
provides the user ID to the TMA TCP product to check for appropriate security prior to initiating
the transactions.

Domain Name Server Support

The TMA TCP product supports domain name server (DNS) resolution of IP addresses. This
support allows you to change the IP address at the Domain Name Server to implement address
changes without reconfiguring the TMA TCP gateway.

Dynamic Configuration

The TMA TCP product supports dynamic configuration updates for some of the TMA TCP
configuration parameters. You can modify the configuration without shutting down and
restarting the TMA TCP product. For more information about dynamic configuration, refer to the

“Dynamically Configuring TMA TCP for CICS”


Load Balancing of a Requester

The TMA TCP for CICS supports Requester load balancing. TMA TCP for CICS provides
configuration for multiple services with the same name and the ability to associate them with
different unique LMIDs. This configuration enables load balancing of the Requesters.

Automatic Enabling of LMID

The TMA TCP for CICS supports automatic enabling of a given Requester which is already
disabled. The


option is provided in the Requester configuration. When the

option is set to E (Enable), the Pre-Requester automatically enables the LMID and starts the
Requester and processes the request.

Oracle TMA TCP for CICS Components

There are four programs used in processing remotely and locally initiated requests.




Application Handler