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C o d e s R e t u r n e d t o a C I C S C l i e n t P r o g r a m

Oracle Tuxedo Mainframe Adapter for TCP CICS User Guide


Codes Returned to a CICS Client Program

The following codes are returned to a CICS client program on return from a LINK to TMA TCP.
For system level problems, please notify your CICS administrator.

Unable to start transaction

A CICS error occurred attempting to start the transaction.

Security Violation: Invalid

user for this transaction

The user ID sent with a request by the client does not match the
user ID set in the mainframe security for this transaction.

The Handler is designed to run

in the background.

A user has attempted to start the Handler from a terminal.

The appHandler is designed to

run in the background.

A user, from a terminal, has attempted to start the transaction that
initiates the Application Handler.

App Handler received corrupted

header, exiting.

The Application Handler is terminating on initialization because
there is a problem with the header it received. This would occur,
for example, if the transaction for the Application Handler was
given in the Inbound Service Information screen as the transaction
to start a service with no reply.

opcode is not CONNECT on


The Requester has received a reply that should be the
acknowledgment of a connection request; however, the message
does not contain the correct opcode.

Trying connection, but already


The Requester has received a reply containing an opcode
indicating a response to a connection request; however, the
connection already exists.

Read on sockets failed.

Connection closed by other


The Handler terminated because the socket status indicated that the
client side had closed the connection.

LMID is disabled. Auto

enabling LMID ,LMID name>

The pre-requester is dynamically enabling an LMID which is
disabled. This message will be displayed only when the AUTO
ENABLE option is set to E.