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Oracle Tuxedo Mainframe Adapter for TCP CICS User Guide





Two administrative tools are also available:


An online CICS administrative tool for configuring and maintaining the TMA TCP for
CICS gateway


An administrative tool (


) for terminating the four programs listed above

The TMA TCP for CICS Handler

A TMA TCP Handler is a CICS program that communicates with the TMA TCP gateway over
TCP/IP. Specifically, the Handler communicates Oracle Tuxedo requests to a CICS region. A
Handler is started automatically within a CICS region when Oracle Tuxedo issues the first service
request destined for that CICS region.

The Handler is responsible for accepting a connection request, taking control of the socket
connection, and continuing communication with the Requester in the Oracle Tuxedo domain for
the life of the socket connection. The Handler interfaces as necessary with the Application
Handler to process service requests originating from the TMA TCP gateway Requester. If
multiplexing or security is enabled, the Handler starts the Application Handler and waits for the
next service request. The Handler periodically checks for completed requests. When a request has
been completed, the Handler retrieves the response data from the Application Handler and
transmits that data back to the Requester. The Handler also periodically checks to ensure that no
active service requests have timed out.

If the multiplex count is 1 and security is disabled, or if the service request originated from a
version of TMA TCP gateway prior to Version 3.0, the Handler executes the target user
application, waits for the application to return data, transmits that data back to the TMA TCP
gateway, then waits for the TMA TCP gateway to send another service request.

The TMA TCP for CICS Application Handler

The Application Handler is started by and receives request information from the Handler. The
Application Handler executes the target user application, waits for the application to return data,
and returns the data to the Handler.