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Oracle Tuxedo Mainframe Adapter for TCP - CICS User Guide

detection of problems. This configuration parameter is set in the remote TMA TCP gateway
system; discuss any changes you want to make with the administrator of that system.

Problems with requests that originate in the CICS region are also logged to the



Additionally, time-out periods for these requests can be tuned using the TMA TCP for CICS
administration tool.

For more information about the blocking time-out parameter, refer to the Oracle TMA TCP
gateway User Guide.

Application Errors

If an error occurs that makes the Handler unable to execute a certain program (such as, the
program does not exist or is disabled) the Handler sends a message back to the TMA TCP
gateway gateway. If any other type of error occurs within an application program and the Handler
is not notified of the problem, a time-out message is sent from the Handler back to the remote

For requests originating with CICS, Oracle Tuxedo returns information about specific problems,
if possible. If there are network problems that prohibit the transmission of data, the request
receives a timeout error.

Server Application Considerations

The following subsections identify issues that CICS programmers should be aware of when they
develop or modify application programs that interoperate with TMA TCP for CICS as servers.

A CICS application program that processes requests originating from a remote Oracle Tuxedo
domain is written like a CICS application program that is invoked with the



The CICS programs that work best for satisfying Oracle Tuxedo requests are the ones that
perform a certain operation and return information to the caller. The CICS services requested by
a Oracle Tuxedo client program must entail a single request/response scenario.

CICS service programs that are called from Oracle Tuxedo clients must be careful if they give up
control, as when performing an


operation. To ensure that the response data is

returned to the client, chaining programs must pass the original


during the XCTL so

that it may be


ed to the TMA TCP for CICS Handler by the final program in the chain.