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T r a n s l a t i n g D a t a w i t h T M A T C P g a t e w a y

Oracle Tuxedo Mainframe Adapter for TCP CICS User Guide


Translating Data with TMA TCP gateway

Due to the way TMA TCP gateway translates and converts data on the remote Oracle Tuxedo
system, the CICS programmer does not need to do anything to prepare data that is destined for
the remote Oracle Tuxedo system.

The key to this high degree of transparency is the TMA TCP gateway configuration. It is through
this mechanism that environmental differences, such as naming conventions and data formats, are
concealed from programmers and programs.

Although all data is converted and translated automatically by the remote TMA TCP gateway
gateway, the rules implemented are outlined in the following subsections to assist the CICS
programmer in understanding how the data is manipulated. It is important for the CICS
programmer to remember that this information is written from the point of view of the Oracle
Tuxedo environment.

When a client program on the remote Oracle Tuxedo system sends data to (or receives data from)
a service routine on a different model of computer, TMA TCP gateway automatically translates
data as required. Translation involves changing the representation of intrinsic data types by
changing attributes such as word length and byte order.

The following subsections describe the basic rules that TMA TCP gateway follows when it
translates data and provide detailed information about how TMA TCP gateway handles string and
numeric data.

Oracle Tuxedo Terminology

The following terms are some commonly used Oracle Tuxedo terms for buffer types.