XM Satellite Radio RoadyTM User Manual

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Section 5

7. Reassemble the system as in step 1, inserting cassette audio adaptor

into the vehicle’s cassette deck and the 12V power adaptor into the
cigarette lighter.

8. Attach the antenna as explained on page 20.

Removing car mount from your dashboard

You can remove the car mount from your dashboard by taking the
following steps:
1. Lift one edge of the adhesive pad gently with fingers or the rounded edge of a

spoon. Once enough of the edge is loosened to grip with your fingers, pull the
pad gently from the mounting surface at a 90-degree angle. Avoid using
sharp tools that could damage the vehicle’s interior.

2. If the pad fails to loosen, first warm it with a hair dryer for 2 to 3 minutes to

soften the adhesive. Be careful not to apply too much heat, which could
damage the mounting surface.

3. If any adhesive remains on the dashboard surface, the adhesive can easily be

removed by rubbing your thumb or finger across it.

4. As necessary, use a mild household cleaner to clean the dashboard surface.

Figure 5. Attach car mount to back of Roady

Receiver as shown.

Caution: Never use a commercial heat

gun or paint-stripping gun. This could result in
damage to the unit or to your vehicle.

3. Clean the vehicle mounting surface with the enclosed surface preparation

cleaning kit. Wipe with the towelette in only one direction. Do not wipe the
surface in a circular motion or back and forth. Dry area with a clean, dry
cloth. Wipe dry in the same direction again and then repeat this cleaning
process. Allow to air dry thoroughly to ensure effective adhesion.

4. Clean the same surface with the enclosed alcohol prep pad. Wipe in the

same direction and manner as with the towelette. Dry the area with a clean,
dry cloth, wiping in one direction. Allow to air dry thoroughly. Ensure that
the surface is at least 60°F.

5. Warm the car mount adhesive pad by using a hair dryer or by placing

the car mount on top of the vehicle’s defrost outlet for several minutes with
the heater on. Remove the liner from the adhesive pad and adhere to the
vehicle’s surface. Make sure you accurately place the pad on the first try
since in many cases it will bond almost immediately. 3M recommends a
72-hour curing time for maximum adhesion.

6. Clip the Roady Receiver onto the car mount (figure 5).

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