XM Satellite Radio RoadyTM User Manual

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Menu Commands and Settings

Pressing enters the menu section of Roady. Here, you can change each of
the following options using the Tuning Wheel . Select the highlighted item by
pressing the Tuning Wheel . While in the menu section, acts as a “back”
button, allowing you to back out of existing sections. Following are the settings
that can be changed:

Screen Color

Change the color of the display by simply using the Tuning Wheel to scroll
through the seven color choices. Select a new color by pressing the Tuning
Wheel .

Audio Level

Use this to adjust the Roady Receiver audio-output level if it is too high, causing
distortion, or too low for your car. Most users will NOT need to change this level
from the factory setting. This is not a volume control. You should set the volume
using the audio system connected to your Roady Receiver.


This control allows you to adjust the contrast of your display.


Once you have installed your Roady and the power has been turned on using the
power button , you will discover your Roady has been factory-set to be turned
off and back on again using the ignition key in your vehicle. To change this factory-
set condition and always power your Roady on and off with the power button ,
select the “Auto-On” feature in the menu and then select “Off.”

Select a channel by category
Press either of the category keys to enter category search.
1. Continue pressing one of the category keys until a category you

are interested in appears.

2. Use the Tuning Wheel to display a channel within the given category.
3. Press the Tuning Wheel

to select a channel.

4. If you do not select a channel, category search will time out after several


Save and Recall Artist Name and Song Title Information

You can save the artist name and song title on the current channel for future
1. Press and release to save the current screen information. Up to 15

different artist and song titles can be saved, after which any new information
that is saved will replace the oldest information in memory.

2. To recall saved information, press and hold for 3 seconds. Next, use

the Tuning Wheel to display each saved artist name/song title.

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