XM Satellite Radio RoadyTM User Manual

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If this happens:

You do not receive all XM
channels. Cause: Your Roady
Receiver is not activated.

The audio sounds distorted

The audio level is too low

You cannot tune to a

No song title or artist name

You should:

Contact XM as described in “Getting
Started: Activating Roady” on page 6.

Reduce audio-output level as described
under “Menu Commands and Settings:
Audio Level” on page 13.

Increase audio-output level as described in
“Menu Commands and Settings: Audio
Level” on page 13.

Verify that you are authorized to receive
that channel as part of your subscription
with XM and that you have not asked XM
to block that channel on your Roady unit.

Nothing is wrong with your receiver. This
is normal on many talk and news channels
where there is no song playing. Also,
this information may not yet be in the
channel lineup for some selections.

Section 6


If you see this on the display:

Cause: The XM
signal is being blocked.


Cause: The channel selected is not
currently broadcasting.

You should:

The message should disappear as
soon as you move out of an
obstructed area such as an indoor
garage. If the problem persists,
make sure your antenna is mounted
outside and on top of your car with
a clear view of the sky.

Make sure antenna is correctly
attached to the receiver and that
antenna cable is undamaged and
free from kinks. Turn the Roady
Receiver off and back on to reset
this message.

Tune in to another channel.


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