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Cable Routing

• Once you have mounted the antenna in the correct location, plan how to

route the cable from this location to the receiver, avoiding blocked passages
and any obstructions that could kink, crimp, twist, or chafe the cable. Figure 7
shows typical routing configurations. If the cable will come into contact with
a rough metal opening, use a rubber grommet to prevent damage.

• For antenna mounting locations at the front or middle of the roof, the cable

can be routed down along the door jamb and into the vehicle. In some vehi-
cles, the cable may be brought into the vehicle through the grommet in the
door jamb which carries the power window and power lock wires. If the
cable does not fit easily through the grommet, do not try to force it through.
Instead, route the cable under the weather seal near the bottom of the door.

Section 5

XM Antenna Set-up

Antenna Installation

• Best reception is achieved with the antenna mounted on the metal sur-

face of the vehicle roof in the center of an area with at least 12" x 12" of
surface area and a minimum of 6" from a window or sunroof. Figure 6
shows three typical mounting locations.

• If the vehicle has roof racks or skid ribs, it may be necessary to mount the

antenna off-center.

• If the vehicle roof does not provide a sufficient metal surface area, then

the antenna can be mounted on the metal trunk lid at least 4" from the
rear window.

• If an appropriate antenna mounting location cannot be identified, contact

your local retailer installation department for additional guidance.

Figure 6. The design flexibility of your XM Antenna allows

mounting on many types of vehicles. Trunk
mounting of the antenna is an alternative only
for hard- or soft-top convertibles with non-
metallic rooftops. All other vehicles should
have roof mounting.




Important: Do not install antenna
inside vehicle passenger compartment.
Mounting the antenna in the passenger
compartment either on the front dash-
board or on the rear window deck area
of the vehicle will cause reception issues
and must be avoided. Mounting the
antenna on a non-metallic surface will
also result in severe degradation in


Figure 7. Route XM Antenna through windshield as shown.

Front Mounting Option



Warning: Failure to properly

install the antenna may result in injury
to you or others if it becomes detached
during an accident.

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