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You can set your radio to automatically shut off 60, 120, or 180 minutes after
it is turned on. This feature should be used if your vehicle continues to power
the cigarette lighter/auxiliary power after you remove your key, so if you leave
it on, Roady will shut down automatically after the time period you select and
will not drain your battery.


Using this function, you can program your Roady to alert you with a tone
and display change when a favorite song is played again on a channel other
than the one you are listening to.
1. While the song is playing, press and hold the Tuning Wheel in for 2

seconds. Roady will beep and display “Song Selected” on line 1 of the
display for 2 seconds, then return to normal display for the current song.
Up to 10 songs may be stored in the TuneSelect list. Once the list is filled,
a new entry will replace the oldest item on the list. You can erase songs
from your TuneSelect list by going into the menu and choosing TuneSelect.
Then, follow your options to erase specific song titles or clear out all titles.

2. When the song plays again on any channel other than the one you are

currently listening to, your Roady will beep and display an alert notice.
“Song Found” will appear on line 1 and the name of the song on line 2 for
5 seconds.

3. While the “Song Found” alert is displayed, push the Tuning Wheel

in to

switch to the channel playing the song. If the Tuning Wheel

is not

pressed while the alert is displayed, TuneSelect will time out and return to
normal display mode.

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Roady Kit Set-up

Your Roady Kit contains the following components:

Figure 3. Roady Kit components.

Cell phone mount


Cassette audio


Car mount

12V power adaptor

XM Antenna

Your kit also includes:
• Car mount bracket • Extra adhesive pad • Surface preparation cleaning kit
• Alcohol prep pad • Cable wrap

Hooking up your Roady Receiver

Figure 4. Connect accessories to your Roady

Receiver as shown.

Caution: Connect only appropriate

input devices to the Roady Receiver. Connecting

an incorrect input device may damage the

system and/or the external electronic device.

It is recommended that you use only the 12V

to 6V conversion power adaptor that came with

your Roady Kit.



Direct Tune

This feature changes the functionality of the Tuning Wheel so that it auto-
matically selects a channel each time it is rolled, without having to press
Tuning Wheel in. Note: Roady does not have a preview mode when this
feature is active.

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