XM Satellite Radio RoadyTM User Manual

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Wireless FM Modulator*

Many late model cars do not come with built-in cassette players. These
Roady users may purchase an optional wireless FM modulator that sends the
audio signal through the vehicle’s existing FM antenna. See www.delphi.com
or your retailer for details.

Roady Receiver Installation

Your Roady Receiver can be installed as follows:
1. First, attach all of the components as shown in figure 4 (page 15). Insert

cassette audio adaptor into the vehicle’s cassette deck, the 12V power adaptor
into the cigarette lighter, and the antenna on the car’s roof. Turn on the car
and Roady to verify that the system is working. You should always be able
to access Channel 1, even if your service is not activated. Disassemble the
system, and proceed with step 2.

2. Identify a hard, flat surface within your car to allow the optimum Roady

viewing position for the primary user as well as access to the cassette
player, power source, and antenna-cable route. In order to maximize
visibility, this position should be chosen to minimize glare or direct
sunlight on the display. Do not install the mount where it or Roady
could block your vision, vehicle airbags,
or controls. Do not install the mount on a
leather surface. The adhesive used on the
mount is not easily repositioned when
installed, so please use care when choosing
the location and placing the mount.

Direct Connect:

Cassette Adaptor:

FM Modulator:

Wireless FM Modulator:

Audio Quality




Roady offers the listener an unprecedented variety of options for connecting
to your vehicle’s radio. All options provide excellent sound quality and stereo
separation, with the use of the cassette adaptor being most common. XM
research and lab results show, that for vehicles with a cassette player, using
the cassette adaptor maximizes the relationship between sound quality and
ease of installation.

Direct Connect

For vehicles with radio head-units equipped with auxiliary audio inputs,
connecting the audio directly to the auxiliary inputs of the head-unit provides
maximum audio quality.

Cassette Adaptor

For vehicles with a built-in cassette player, using the cassette adaptor for
audio is the most popular solution.

FM Modulator

For a more professional-looking installation, an additional FM modulator
installation kit can be purchased from Delphi. See www.delphi.com or your
retailer for details.

Section 5

*Optional Delphi XM wireless FM modulator available fall 2003.



Warning: The Roady Receiver

should be placed in your vehicle where
it will not interfere with the function of
safety features, e.g., deployment of
airbags. Failure to correctly place the
Roady Receiver may result in injury to
you or others if the unit becomes
detached during an accident.

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