XM Satellite Radio RoadyTM User Manual

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Section 2

The Roady unit has seven function buttons, a Tuning Wheel, and 10 number keys.

Turns the Roady Receiver on or off.

The display button toggles between three display options:

1. Channel name, channel number, artist name
2. Channel name, channel number, song title
3. Artist name, song title

Press Memory to save artist name and song title information. Press
and hold memory key to recall information.

Press Menu to select and change receiver configuration options.
Pressing Menu when in menu mode will allow the user to back out
to the previous level.

Switches between Direct Entry, Preset A, Preset B, and Preset C.

Enters category search and displays channels grouped by category.
Continued presses step through available categories. Use the
Tuning Wheel to scroll through channels within a category; press
the Tuning Wheel in to select a channel. Category search times out
after 6 seconds if no channels are selected.

Use the Tuning Wheel to scroll through channel or menu options.
Pressing the Tuning Wheel selects a channel or menu option.

Number keys are used to select a channel directly (when in Direct
Entry mode), and to select or set presets when in a Preset mode.







Tuning Wheel


on corner of unit)

Power button

Category search

Control keys

Figure 2. Roady Receiver.

Number keys

Roady Controls

Infrared lens



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