X10 Wireless Technology IR34A User Manual

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Tips On Learning

The following are the guidelines that will help you use this

a. Some functions from some types of remotes might not be

able to be learned.

b. No functions may be learned under the HOME, MODE,

FAVORITE, HIS, or HERS (hard) keys.

c. Use fresh batteries for both the IR34A remote and your

Original Remote.

d. Keep at least three feet away from incandescent or low-

energy lights when learning. (Ambient light can infl uence
learning a great deal.)

e. Place the original remote end-to-end with the IR34A remote

so the IR transmitter (at the top) on your original remote
points at the IR learning device on the bottom of the IR34A

f. Keep the distance between the two remotes to

approximately 1 inch.

g. Line up the remotes and then press the key you want to

learn. To get the correct range, press the key on the remote
you are learning and you will see a “red halo” around the
transmit icon at the bottom left of the screen starts to fl icker.
The best range for learning is when it fl ickers most rapidly.
Move the position of the 2 remotes to achieve this. (Slightly
off center may improve the best learning.) Do not change
this “best distance” between the two remotes until you have
learned all the required keys.

h. When Learning, you should normally not release the key

being learned until the display prompts you to do so.
However, some keys might be learned multiple times if
you do this. If this happens just “tap” the key you want to
learn, rather than press and hold it. For example, keys that
you normally hold down for a while (like volume up or
down) will likely require a long press when learning. Keys
that you normally give a quick press (like the numbers, and
channel up/down) will likely require a quick press when
learning. If after learning say the channel up key, you fi nd
that it changes multiple channels when pressed once, try
relearning it with a short key press.

i. If learning the fi rst or second keys results in continuous

errors then try the following:



Sleep lets you set any device to turn off a
preset time from now. You can set the off
time in increments of 15 minutes, up to a
maximum of 90 minutes.

Press the HOME button to go to the
Home Screen, then press the Side Key
next to Sleep.

You can set a sleep timer for any or all of
the devices that you’ve set up, i.e., any
that are not grayed out.

In this example we only have a TV, Cable
Box, and Satellite Receiver set up.

Below, we pressed Side Key K1 next to
the TV icon once, to set a sleep timer of
15 minutes.

We pressed Side Key K2 next to the
Cable Box icon twice to set a sleep timer
for 30 minutes.

And we press Side Key K7 next to the Sat
icon fi ve times to set a sleep timer of 1
hour and 30 minutes.

Pressing OK takes you back to the Home
screen with your sleep timers saved. The
next time you select the Sleep screen
you’ll see that the sleep timers have
started to count down.

Make sure you leave the remote point-
ing at the device(s) you’ve set Sleep
Timers for so it can send the Power
command to the device(s) at the time(s)
you’ve set.