X10 Wireless Technology IR34A User Manual

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Setting Up X10 Devices

The IR34A IconRemote - coupled with other X10 Home
Automation Modules - gives you the ability to control
everything electrical in your home. Once you set up your
remote, you can control most any electrical device from the
remote, using the keys that have been confi gured for X10
Home Automation Modules.

X10 Home Automation systems use three types of signals -
Infrared (IR), Radio Frequency (RF), and Power Line Carrier
(PLC). The IR34A remote can send either IR, RF signals, or
both, depending on how you’ve set up the remote to control
different equipment.

Setting Up Your Remote to Send RF commands

When the IR34A is in X10 mode, it transmits RF commands to
X10 devices that respond to RF signals. The following example
describes how to use RF to control a TV (so you can control it
from anywhere in your home). Keep in mind that when you set
up a non RF device to be controlled by RF signals, you need
to use a device like the RE549, which converts the RF signals
it receives back in to IR signals to turn the TV on or off (see
pages 50 and 51 for more details).

• Press Home.
• Select Setup using the Side Key.
• At the following screen select More

using the Side Key.

• At the following screen select Wireless.
• The Mode screen appears; select the

Device you want to set for RF by
pressing its Side Key. (In this example,
it’s TV.) The RF symbol appears on the
TV icon. Press OK to Save.

Note: After following the above steps,
when you make selections in TV Mode,
you will notice that the transmit signals at
the bottom of the screen are now Green.
This indicates that the remote is sending
RF and IR to the TV. If the signals
are in Red, it means that the remote is
transmitting IR only.



Setting Up Your Favorites, cont.

Note: “Triple tap” name entry works in a similar fashion to text
entry on a cell phone. Tap each numeric key to cycle through
ALL caps, numbers, and lower case letters. E.g., repeatedly
pressing the number 2 key cycles through A, B, C, 2, a, b, c.
Pressing the 9 key cycles through W, X, Y, Z, 9, w, x, y, z. A
“space” can be selected with the 0 (zero) key. The number 1
key selects 1 . @ ? ! - & and :. You can backspace an entry with
the key to the left of the 0 (zero) key. Press OK to confi rm your
new name.

You can continue to add favorites, up to
a total of 10 (You can add more later;
see page 38.) At screen (6) you choose
if the favorites you just set up are stored
in the “His” group or the “Hers” group.
Later you can set up favorites in lots of
different Groups, not just His and Hers.
Selecting His takes you to screen (7)
showing that you now have NBC set as
the fi rst favorite in the His Group (at the
location next to Side Key K1), as well as
any other favorites you set up. (Note, you
can reorder, i.e., move the positions of
the logos later.)

When you’re fi nished setting up your
favorites, press the HOME key (located
to the left below the screen) to go back to
the Home screen.

At any time you can press the
FAVORITE key and then select His, or
press the His key at the top left hand side
of the remote to go to screen (7) above.
Pressing the key next to the NBC logo
will (in this case) change the channel
on your Cable box to NBC (in this case
channel 4).

Note: See page 19 “Using the Remote”
for related His and Hers features.