X10 Wireless Technology IR34A User Manual

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Voice Dialer Security Console

The IR34A IconRemote used in conjunction
with the PS561 (DS7000) security console
gives you the ability to control your home
security directly from your remote.

To set up your remote for the PS561 do the

Press the Home key.

Press the Setup Side Key.

Press the X10 Side Key.

Press the Add/Edit Side Key.

Use the Side key to select the room that you
want to associate the security device.

At the “add and X10 device!” screen, press
the OK key.

Use the Side Key to Pick Device.

Press the Security Side Key.

Press the Side Key to select the DS7000.

At the Security Options screen, press the
Side Key to Set Password.

Enter your 4 digit security code using the
alphanumeric keys. (This is your choice; do
not forget your security code.)

Press the Side Key for the Set Console Link.

Following the screen instructions to set
your console to program mode by pressing
and holding the OK key until the console
chimes. (Note: Make sure that the PS561
slide-switch is set to “Install,” top-right
corner on the front panel.)

Press the Side Key for Done.

To use the PS561 do the following:

Press the Mode key.

Press the X10 Side Key.

Select the room that has the security console
by pressing the Side Key.

The options screen for the security console
appears. Use the Side Key for the option that
you want to use.

The Enter Code screen appears. Enter your
password to execute the your choice.

Press Back to leave the Enter Code screen.

The IR34A IconRemote used in conjunction with the
RE549 Half Powermid gives you control of Audio and
Video components - even if they are in a different room
from the remote.

The Half Powermid allows you to extend the distance you can
use your remote. You will be able to hide the RE549 from sight
and still control your TV or other electronic devices through
entertainment centers, cabinet doors, from another room, etc.
The transmitter will receive the RF commands and send them
using IR through the transmitter cable included with the your

The idea on how to do this is shown in the fi gure below. Follow
these basic steps:

• Plug the Powermid Receiver (Model RE549) into a 120V AC

outlet in the room where your TV, VCR, stereo, etc., that you
want to control is located (up to 20 feet away from what you
want to control). Point the front of the Powermid Receiver
towards the unit you want to control.

• Fully extend the antenna on the Powermid.
• (Optionally) plug the IR extender cable into the back of the

RE549 and attach the IR emitters on the cable to the front of
up to two A/V devices that you want to control.

Audio and Video Compatibility

• Press any key on the remote. The RE549 receives the Radio

Frequency (RF) signals and blasts the IR signals from its front
face, or optionally through the RX569 emitter cable to control
your IR compatible devices (TV, VCR, CD, etc.).

Note: You can add more RE549’s to control A/V equipment in
more than one room.