X10 Wireless Technology IR34A User Manual

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Setting Up Your Devices, cont.

How to set up a TV

After you’ve been through the Wizard
for the fi rst time, the screen (1) shown
to the right appears. This is the start of
the Wizard to set up your devices (TV
being the fi rst one). Manually turn on the
device(s) to be set up (TV, VCR, etc.).

If you know your brand of TV, select Yes,
which results in a faster search for your
TV’s code. (Selecting No searches the
complete library of TV codes, rather than
just the codes for your brand of TV).

Pressing the Side Key next to Yes at
screen (1) takes you to a screen (2) where
the most common brands are shown
next to the Side Keys. If your brand
isn’t shown you can press the Side Key
adjacent to Next to show more brands,
(shown alphabetically) or press the
Side Key adjacent to Back to go back
to the previous screen of brands. Note,
on the very fi rst screen of brands, the
Side Key adjacent to Back takes you to
the last screen of brands (so you can go
back through the list instead of forward
through it if you prefer). In this case we
selected Philips.



Screen (3) tells you to point the remote
directly at your TV and repeatedly press
(but not hold) Power (or Chan Up/Down,
or Play for VCRs, etc.) until your device
responds. Pressing Power sends the Power
command to your TV and screen (4)
shows that you’ve selected code 1 of xx
(xx will vary by brand). Keep pressing
Power until your TV responds and then
press Save.

Setting Up Your Devices

Pressing Save displays screen (5) that
instructs you to try a few other keys on
the remote to make sure you’ve found the
correct code. Tip: Try keys like Menu, and
Guide. Power might work yet you still
might not have the correct code. If several
keys seem to work fi ne, press Save Code.
If some keys don’t work, select Change
Code (or press Back) to go back and fi nd
another code that works better. Selecting
Label lets you rename the device, e.g.,
you could call it My TV. You can ignore
this for now and try it later if you like. See
pages 13, 14, and 32 for more details on
entering text to change labels.

Pressing Save Code at screen (5) takes
you to screen (6) where you set up a Cable
box. You can quit at this point and set up
other devices later, or you can continue





and set up other devices - SAT, DVR, DVD, VCR, Audio, CD
Player, or an AUX device. (Directions on how to set up X10
Home Automation devices are shown on pages 15-20.)

Let’s assume for now that you go ahead and set up a TV, Cable,
and SAT.

If you select No at screen (1) on the previous page the
procedure will be similar to the above, except that you will be
searching through the entire library of codes for your device to
fi nd the one that works best (instead of just searching through
the codes for your brand of device, e.g., Philips).

If you say Yes when asked if you know your Brand, but
subsequently don’t fi nd a code that works, you are asked if you
want to try again (in case you missed it), or try all the codes for
your device. If you try all codes for your device type, and still
don’t fi nd a code that works, you can skip it, or select Learn. If
you select Learn you can later learn the commands you want
for that device type.