X10 Wireless Technology IR34A User Manual

Page 17

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A Macro could include the Power key for
your TV, followed by the Power key for
your Cable box, followed (after a 2 second
delay), by digit 4 from your cable remote.
Then, when you later activate this Macro,
it will turn on your TV, turn on your cable
box, wait 2 seconds, and then set the cable
box to channel 4.

At the Home screen press the Side Key
next to Learn.

Then press any Side Key K1-K5 to the
left to learn a Macro that you’ll save to a
Side Key (and later rename it if desired).

Learning Macros (Side Keys)

Select the device you want to learn keys
for. In this example we only have a TV,
Cable Box and Satellite Receiver set up,
so the rest are grayed out, but you can
still select any of the devices to learn
commands for. E.g., in this case we
selected DVR.

Then select the Side Key that you want to
store the Macro under, for example, L3.

Learning Side Keys, cont.

E.g., in this example we pressed the 3
key on the remote to enter the letter D.
Then we pressed the 8 key repeatedly
until the letter V was displayed. Then
we waited for a second and pressed 3 to
select D. Then we pressed the 0 (zero)
key twice until we selected a space.
We continued this process until we had
“DVD Zoom” displayed.

Press OK to save the new label for the
key we just learned.

The next time you set the remote to the
mode that you learned this key under,
you’ll see a screen where you can select
this and any other functions you’ve
learned under that mode.

Pressing the MODE key and then selecting a device type
shows the “extra” keys and learned keys for that mode. Note,
you can learn keys from any kind of remote under any mode.
You could for example learn the power keys for your TV, and
your audio system and extra keys for your DVD player under
the DVD mode. Then, when you press the MODE key and se-
lect DVD, you’ll be able to turn on your TV, turn on your audio
system, and control your DVD player, all from the Side Keys
on this one screen.

Note: “Triple tap” name entry works in a similar fashion to text
entry on a cell phone. Tap each numeric key to cycle through
ALL caps, numbers, and lower case letters. E.g., repeatedly
pressing the number 2 key cycles through A, B, C, 2, a, b, c.
Pressing the 9 key cycles through W, X, Y, Z, 9, w, x, y, z.
A “space” can be selected with the 0 (zero) key. The number
1 key selects 1 . @ ? ! - & : and back to 1. And you can
backspace an entry with the key to the left of the 0 (zero) key.
Press OK (or the Enter “E” key) to confi rm your new name.