X10 Wireless Technology IR34A User Manual

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X10.com, a division of X10 Wireless Technology, Inc. (X10)
warrants X10 products to be free from defective material and
workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the original date
of purchase at retail. X10 agrees to repair or replace, at its sole
discretion, a defective X10 product if returned to X10 within the
warranty period and with proof of purchase. If service is required
under this warranty:

Call 1-800-442-5065, or visit www.x10.com, or e-mail

For help or more information on setup, please visit:


12 Month Limited Warranty

The Favorites you set up don’t operate your device.
• Make sure you selected the correct device (TV, Cable, Sat,

etc., when you set up each favorite. See Add/Edit Favorites
on page 38 to change the device type for your favorite(s).

The Remote’s hard keys do not operate your product.
• Make sure the remote is set to the correct Mode by pressing

the MODE key followed by the appropriate Side Key for the
device mode that you want.

• Program the remote with a new code.
• The remote may not contain the code for your device. Try

learning the codes you need from your old remote.

• Install new batteries.

The remote does not operate some features of your product.
• Program the remote with a new code.
• The remote may not be able to operate all the features of

your product or key names might be different than your
product. Try learning codes from your old remote.

Having problems with learning?
• See Learning Tips on page 25.
• If some learned keys transmit multiple times, e.g., if a

learned Channel Up key changes more than one channel
when you press it, or Up/Down/Left/Right navigation keys
move more than one step when you press the learned key;
try just giving the key to be learned a quick press (when you
learn it) rather than holding the key pressed until the screen
displays Success.

Your TV turns on when you press a Favorite key.
• Some types of TV, e.g., Philips fl at panel TVs turn on and

go to the selected channel when you press a channel number
while the TV is off. So for this type of TV pressing a favorite
key will do the same thing (but it might not work for 3 digit
channels, e.g., 550).

Forgot your KidSafe code?
• Just remove and reinsert the batteries to reset KidSafe.

(Don’t let your Kids see this Owner’s Manual.)