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nüvi 1100/1200/1300/1400 Series Owner’s Manual


Garmin Travel Guide

The Garmin Travel Guide provides

detailed information about places,

such as restaurants and hotels. To

purchase an accessory, go to

or contact

your Garmin dealer.
To use the travel guide, insert the

memory card into your nüvi. Touch

Where to?



. Touch the

name of your travel guide to open it.

Contact Garmin

Contact Garmin Product Support

if you have questions. In the USA,

go to

, or

contact Garmin USA by phone at

(913) 397-8200 or (800) 800-1020.
In the UK, contact Garmin (Europe)

Ltd. by phone at 0808 2380000.

In Europe, go to


and click

Contact Support

for in-country support information,

or contact Garmin (Europe) Ltd. by

phone at +44 (0) 870.8501241.

Registering Your nüvi

Go to


register your nüvi. See

page 24


information about connecting your

nüvi to your computer.

1. Plug in your nüvi. You will see an

option to install the myGarmin

Agent (optional).

2. Follow the online instructions

to install myGarmin Agent and

register your nüvi.

After you have registered your

nüvi, you can subscribe to the latest

Garmin online services.