Calibrating the screen, Updating the software, Clearing user data – Garmin nuvi 1300 User Manual

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nüvi 1100/1200/1300/1400 Series Owner’s Manual



Calibrating the Screen

1. Turn off the nüvi.
2. Hold the upper-left corner of the

screen while turning on the nüvi.

3. Release the


button when

the Garmin screen appears.

4. Continue to hold the upper-left

corner of the touch screen for 30

seconds until a white screen with

“Press dot” appears.

Updating the Software

1. Connect the nüvi to your

computer using the mini-USB

cable. The AutoPlay menu opens.

2. Double-click on to open the

myGarmin Agent download

page. If the AutoPlay menu does

not open, or you are on a Mac

computer, go to




3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

After you have installed myGarmin

Agent, you will be prompted to

open myDashboard when you

connect your nüvi to your computer.

myDashboard checks your nüvi

for current software and provides

additional information about your


Clearing User Data

iMPortaNt: This deletes all

user-entered information.

1. Hold your finger on the lower-right

corner of the nüvi screen while

turning on the nüvi.

2. Keep your finger pressed until the

pop-up window appears.

3. Touch


to clear all user data.

All original settings are restored.

Any items that you have saved are