Battery information, Charging your nüvi, Changing the fuse – Garmin nuvi 1300 User Manual

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nüvi 1100/1200/1300/1400 Series Owner’s Manual


Battery Information

To maximize the lifetime of the

battery, do not leave your nüvi in

direct sunlight, and avoid prolonged

exposure to excessive heat.

battery icon in the corner

of the Main menu indicates the status

of the nüvi battery. To increase the

accuracy of the battery gauge, fully

discharge the battery and then fully

charge it. Do not unplug the nüvi

until it is totally charged.

Charging Your nüvi

Charge your nüvi for at least 4 hours

before using on battery power.
• Connect the vehicle power cable.
• Connect the USB cable (included

in some packages).

• Connect an AC adapter (optional


Changing the Fuse

CautioN: When replacing the

fuse, do not lose any of the small

pieces, and ensure they are put

back in the proper place.

If your unit will not charge in your

vehicle, you might need to replace

the fuse located at the tip of the

vehicle adapter.

1. Unscrew the

black, round

end piece, and

remove it.

tiP: You may

need to use a coin

to remove the end


2. Remove the fuse (glass and silver

cylinder), and replace it with the

appropriate fuse type, which

can be found on the side of the

vehicle adapter.


Silver tip