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nüvi 1100/1200/1300/1400 Series Owner’s Manual

Using FM Traffic

Traffic on Your Route

When calculating your route, the

nüvi examines the current traffic and

automatically optimizes the route

for the shortest time. If a severe

traffic delay occurs on your route

while you are navigating, the nüvi

automatically recalculates the route.

You might still be routed through

traffic if no better alternative routes


Traffic icon

If a non-severe traffic delay occurs

on your route, touch the traffic icon

to display a tab that shows how much

time the delay has added to your

route. This time is already included

in your estimated arrival time.

Manually Avoiding Traffic on

Your Route

1. On the Map page, touch the traffic


2. Touch

Traffic On Route


3. Touch the arrows to view other

traffic delays on your route, if


4. Touch


to avoid the traffic


Viewing the Traffic Map

The traffic map shows color-coded

traffic flow and delays on nearby


1. On the Map page, touch the traffic


2. Touch

Show Traffic Map

to view

the traffic incidents on a map.

To return to the normal map from

the traffic map, touch the traffic icon,

and then touch

Show Normal Map