Removing the nüvi and mount, Mounting on your dashboard, Nümaps guarantee – Garmin nuvi 1300 User Manual

Page 55: Removing the nüvi and, Mount, Mounting on your, Dashboard

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nüvi 1100/1200/1300/1400 Series Owner’s Manual



3. Ensure that the silver tip is placed

in the black end piece. Screw on

the black end piece.

Removing the nüvi and


To remove the nüvi from the cradle,

press the tab of the cradle while

tilting the nüvi forward.
To remove the cradle from the

mount, turn the cradle to the right or

left. Apply pressure in that direction

until the cradle snaps off the mount.
To remove the suction cup mount

from the windshield, flip the lever

toward you. Pull the tab on the

suction cup toward you.

Mounting on Your


Use the enclosed mounting disk to

mount your unit to the dashboard and

comply with certain state regulations.

iMPortaNt: The permanent

mounting adhesive is extremely

difficult to remove after it is


1. Clean and dry the dashboard

where you are placing the disk.

2. Remove the backing from the

adhesive on the bottom of the


3. Place the disk on the dashboard.
4. Remove the clear plastic cover

from the top of the disk.

5. Place the suction cup mount

on top of the disk. Flip the lever

down (toward the disk).

nüMaps Guarantee

To receive one free map update

(if available), register your nüvi at

within 60 days

of acquiring satellites and driving

with your nüvi. You are not eligible

for the free map update if you

register by phone or wait longer than