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Instructions for COAST A22R Rechargeable Flashlight

BATTERY INSTALLATION: The A22R features our Flex Charge Dual Power Recharging System and can be powered by our
rechargeable battery pack or a standard AA alkaline battery.

The A22R includes two Lithium polymer rechargeable

battery packs and one AA alkaline battery.

To install the rechargeable battery pack, unscrew (counter clockwise) and

remove the tail cap of the light and place the rechargeable battery pack into the light in the direction indicated by the
arrow on the battery pack; arrow towards the front of the light. To operate the light with the alkaline battery, insert the
included AA alkaline battery into the light with positive end towards the front of light. Replace the tail cap and tighten

CHARGING: Your A22R is equipped with our exclusive PRO TEK Charging Port. To expose the charging port, grasp the
tail cap of the light, turn counter clock wise about 1/8


of a turn and then pull the tail cap back (away from the body of

the light). To charge your A22R, simply plug the included mini USB cable into the charging port on the flashlight. When
the charging cable is inserted, the charging indication light near the charging port will glow. Red indicates the light is
charging; Green indicates the light is fully charged. You can also charge the rechargeable battery pack outside of the
light by plugging directly into the charging port on the battery pack. The rechargeable battery pack also features a
charging indication light. The A22R can be charged using AC, DC or USB power. To use the AC or DC adaptor, plug the
USB connector into the desired power adaptor. To charge using USB, simply plug directly into a USB port. Prior to first
use, charge the battery cartridge, inside or outside the light, until the charging indicator light turns GREEN. The A22R
features overcharge protection and it is not necessary to disconnect from power when fully charged. For added
protection, the charging system will not work when the alkaline battery is installed inside the flashlight. CAUTION: Use
only the proprietary rechargeable battery pack that is included in your A22R or standard AA alkaline batteries. Do not
attempt to replace the rechargeable battery with aftermarket batteries. Do not dispose of in fire or short circuit the

QUICK CYCLE SWITCH ACTIVATION: This flashlight is equipped with COAST’s Quick Cycle Switch™, featuring high and
low beams. To activate the high beam from the off position, press the on/off switch until it clicks once, then release.
Press the on/off switch until it clicks a second time to turn off the light. To activate the low mode, press the on/off
switch until it clicks a third time, then release. The light can also be operated in “momentary” mode. Momentary mode
is activated by partially depressing the on/off switch (less pressure than required for a full click). The momentary switch
will cycle the light through the high and low beam modes. Any time the light is turned off for more than five seconds,
the high/ low cycle will reset and the high beam will be activated when the light is turned on again.

This flashlight is equipped with COAST’s Pure Beam™ Focusing Optic
with Speed Focus™ that allows the user to choose between a broad flood beam and a focused Bulls-Eye Spot™ beam for
long distance illumination. To adjust the beam into the Bulls-Eye Spot™ mode, slide the head of the light all the way
forward. To adjust the beam into the broad, flood light mode, slide the head of the flashlight back. The beam can be
locked into any position, from full flood beam to spot beam. To lock the beam in position, turn the head of the light to
the left. To unlock the beam position, turn the head of light to the right.

BELT and WALL MOUNT SWIVEL CLIP USE: Two swivel clips are included with your new A22R; a wall mount and a belt
clip. To use the belt clip simply attach the clip to your belt with the flashlight retaining clips facing out and then snap the
light in place. The position of the light can be adjusted by turning the light in the desired direction. The wall mount
includes mounting screws and can also be adjusted to position the light in the desired direction. A cable retaining clip is
built into the wall mount to position the charging cable as desired.

MAINTENANCE: Wipe the external body with a damp cloth. Do not submerge. The rechargeable battery pack can be
re-charged up to 500 times before a noticeable decline in performance. To purchase replacement accessories, contact
your COAST dealer or call our customer service line at 800.426.5858 for assistance.

Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery Pack: Item number 19703

USB Charging Cable: Item number 19702