Coast TX40 User Manual

Tx40 instructions

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TX40 Instructions:

Battery Installation

Turn the head of the light in a counter-clockwise direction to remove from body of the light.

Remove the battery cartridge.

Place three AAA batteries into the cartridge in the direction indicated on the cartridge.

Replace the cartridge in the light with the red end going in first.

Replace the tail cap and turn it clockwise to tighten it until it is fully closed.

On/Off Operation

The TX40 has a rear switch on the tail cap.

To turn on the light, press the switch fully until it “clicks.”

To turn off the light, press the switch fully until it “clicks.”

The light can also be operated in “momentary” mode. Momentary mode is activated by
partially depressing the on/off switch (less pressure than required for a full click).

Pressure Switch Operation

The TX40 can be operated with a Tactical Weapon Mount Pressure Switch model #7733TS (not

To install switch, twist the tail cap counterclockwise to remove. Replace with pressure switch
equipped tail cap.

Press the pressure switch for “momentary” on/off.

Weapon Mounting

The TX40 has a 1” body and can be mounted using a weapon mount that will accommodate a 1”
body. Coast model # 7733RM.