Coast EAL20 User Manual

Eal20 instructions

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EAL20 Instructions:

Battery Installation

Hold the light upside down and turn the yellow tab on base of light counter clockwise to remove

Insert four D batteries in direction indicated on diagram on inside wall of battery compartment.

Replace base by lining up red arrows inside light and on inside of base and turning tab clockwise.

Light Operation

The COAST EAL20 is equipped with the COAST Light Dial


, which allows you to tailor the light to the

exact level you need and to conserve batteries. The EAL20 also has red light, with can be used to
preserve night vision (in solid red mode) or as a signal light (red flashing mode).

To turn on the light, press power switch in front of the light.

To turn off the light, press power switch in front of the light.

To adjust light output turn the COAST Light Dial


, which surrounds the power switch.

For full brightness, turn dial counter clockwise until switch “clicks” into position.

To dim light, turn dial clockwise.

For solid red light, continue to turn dial clockwise, until switch “clicks” into position.

For red signal light turn dial clockwise to a second “click.”

Battery Meter

Below the COAST Light Dial


is a built-in battery life indicator. The battery life indicator will glow green,

orange or red to indicate how much life is left in the batteries.

Green: 100-60%

Orange: 60-30%

Red: 30-0%