Coast HP21R Rechargeable User Manual

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HP21R Instructions:

Battery Installation

Turn the end cap in a counter-clockwise direction to remove the cap.

Place the battery into the compartment ensuring that the end marked with positive (+) pole
goes in first, pointing towards the front bezel of the flashlight.

Replace the tail cap and turn it clockwise to tighten it until it is fully closed.

The flashlight is now ready to be charged.

The HP21R can also be powered with four “D” cell alkaline batteries.

To use “D” batteries, follow the above instructions but, but insert the four ”D” batteries. The
positive (+) pole on each battery should be inserted first.

Charging the Flashlight

This flashlight can be charged in a standard 110V-240V AC wall-socket power outlet, or in a 12V
power port/cigarette lighter in a car.

To charge the flashlight, open the white rubber cover on the charging port and plug the DC pin
into the charging port of the flashlight. Then plug the adaptor into a power outlet (110V-240V
AC wall socket power outlet or 12V power port/cigarette lighter in automobile).

While the flashlight is charging an indicator on the body of flashlight will glow red.

When the flashlight is fully charged, the indicator light will change to green.

The light should be charged for 12 hours before the first use.

If the red indicator light comes on during use, it means the battery life is below 10% and the
light should be recharged immediately. Please note that further discharging of the battery after
the indicator light has come on may shorten the life of the battery.

Quick Cycle Switch Operation

This flashlight is equipped with COAST’s Quick Cycle Switch™, featuring high, strobe and low beams.

To activate the high beam, press the on/off switch until it clicks once, then release.

To activate the strobe mode, press the on/off switch until it clicks a second time, then release.

To activate the low mode, press the on/off switch until it clicks a third time, then release.

At any time you can activate the high beam in “momentary” mode by partially depressing the
on/off switch.

Any time the light is turned off for more than five seconds, the high/strobe/low cycle will reset
and the high beam will be activated when the light is turned on again.

Pure Beam Focusing Optic with Speed Focus

This flashlight is equipped with COAST’s Pure Beam™ Focusing Optic with Speed Focus™ that
allows the user to choose between a broad flood beam and a focused Bulls-Eye Spot™ beam for
long distance illumination.