Coast HP21R Rechargeable User Manual

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To adjust this, hold the flashlight body with one hand and then with the other hand pull the
rubber bezel ring forward to produce the Bulls-Eye Spot™ beam or push it back to produce the
broad flood beam.


Shoulder Strap

The HP21R includes a shoulder strap for carrying the light. To use the strap, slide the support
rings onto the body of the light, from the rear.

One ring should be positioned near the head of the flashlight. The second should be positioned
near the tail of the light.

Attach the strap to the support rings with the included clips.

Belt Ring

The included belt ring can be used to hang the HP21R from a belt.

Thread your belt (not included) through the nylon strap on the belt ring. Position the light in the
desired location on your waist – usually the left or right hip area.

Insert the tail of the light through ring.


Do not separate the flashlight bezel from casing while the flashlight is on.

Do not touch the gold contacts on the front of body or rest them against anything conductive, as
this could cause a short circuit.

Be aware that any rechargeable battery will lose its charge over time and that this is a natural
property of the battery, not a fault in the battery or the light. It is recommended to charge and
discharge the flashlight at least once every three months.

This flashlight may also be powered using four standard “D” cell alkaline batteries. Never try to
recharge alkaline batteries or mix alkaline with rechargeable batteries as this could create a
danger of explosion.

Due to the limited lifespan of rechargeable batteries, when the batteries can no longer be
charged or the discharge time has decreased significantly, they should be replaced.

When replacing either rechargeable or alkaline batteries you should always change them all at
the same time. Never mix new and used batteries.

Be aware that using the flashlight in high or low temperatures can reduce battery run-time.

When the red indicator light comes on during use, it means the battery life is below 10% and the
light should be recharged immediately. Please note that further discharging of the battery after
the indicator light has come on may shorten the life of the battery.

Use only the supplied power adaptor otherwise you risk damaging your light or the batteries.

Only charge inside Coast rechargeable flashlights. Do not use other chargers.