DYNAPACE Magazine Loaders and Unloaders User Manual

Single or multi-magazine loader / unloader

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MLE 400 / MUE 400

Single or Multi-Magazine Loader / Unloader

P e o p l e a n d P r o d u c t s Y o u C a n R e l y O n

Frame Style:

Precision welded steel frame with painted panels


Both single and multi-magazine Unloaders feed PCBs into the production line
from the magazine. Loaders accept product from the line and place it into
magazines. Optional buffering allows for up to 5 magazines (2 empty, 2 full,
1 in process) and Dynapace also offers extended off ramps that can hold up to
10 magazines. Standard and custom solutions available.

Standard Features:

Programmable Logic Controller

Multi-Magazine units available with inline or right angle buffering

Integrated staging conveyor with pneumatic arm

Variable speed (10-45 fpm) (3 – 13.7mpm)

Hand crank width adjustment

Touch screen interface for machine status viewing

Operator controls (E-stop, reset, purge, slot spacing, cycle stop and more)

Programmable pitch settings

“Look up” sensors product sensor

Product safe guarding thru software & mechanical limits

Left to right travel, front rail fixed

3 color light tower and audible alarm

Painted sheet metal panels, “Dynapace White”

Conforms to SMEMA Spec. 1.2 and NFPA 79

Includes: 1 standard communication cable

Product Handling Capability:

Edge Contact:

0.187” (5mm) Others Available


3” – 18” (76mm - 457mm)


2” – 18” (51mm - 457mm)


0.045” (1.1mm) minimum


150 lbs. (68kg) full magazine

Above board clearance:

1” (25.4mm)

Below board clearance:

1” (25.4mm)

Facilities Requirements:


115 VAC/ 60 Hz 15 amp


60 PSI, 5CFM

Line height:

37” +/- 2” (940mm +/- 51mm)

Footprint Single
Multi inline
Multi right angle

56.5”L x 37”W (1435L x 940mmW)
104”L x 46”W

(2642L x 1168mmW)

56.5L x 87.5”W

(1448L x 2253mmW)

Single Loader shown

In-line Multi Magazine Un-loader

unit shown

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Sales Fax 847-852-3377


Rev. 082005

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