Nova-Tech LMI Series HH Metering Pump User Manual

Page 11

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The discharge piping must be installed and supported so that it does
not place a supportive load on the liquid end.

Series HH pumps are capable of developing 1000
psi of discharge pressure. All piping must have
sufficient rating to withstand maximum pressure.

For calibration purposes, it is recommended that a 200 mL graduated
cylinder be piped in-line, on the suction side of the pump (see
Figure 4).

Figure 4: Series HH Recommended Installation.

6.4 External Control Connections

The HH7 and HH9 come standard with various electrical connectors.
These are located on the front of the pump. The functions and
appropriate connections are covered in greater detail later in this
The HH pump comes equipped with a 1/8" NPT port on the bottom
of the liquid end spacer. This port is provided for draining in the
event that the seal stack leaks. Use a 1/8" NPT, Teflon taped
connector to safely route any leakage to a suitable container.