Nova-Tech LMI Series HH Metering Pump User Manual

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6.5 Priming and Operation

LMI performance tests every pump prior to shipping to insure that
it meets the design parameters. This test is performed using water.
Please be advised that the pumps are shipped with water in the
Liquid End. If it is incompatible with the chemical that is being
injected, the head must be dried.
When all of the previously mentioned precautions and safety
regulations required by your facility or local ordinances have been
considered, you may start priming your pump.

The HH precisely injects small amounts of
chemical. Due to this characteristic, the HH will
take a considerable amount of time to prime.
System design may also affect the priming time

The HH9 Control Panel has a Start/Stop button
labeled "Hold for Prime". This key has a timer that
shuts off after one minute of operation. The
lengthy priming time of the HH renders this
function unusable. The priming procedure should
be done with the pump running in the internal

Step 1- Plug in or switch on your pump

Step 2- While the pump is running, turn the stroke dial
knob to 100% and the speed adjustment knob (if equipped)
to 80%.

Step 3- Make sure that any valves are open to allow
chemical to enter the pump head.